Basic Terms About Fashion and Trendy Gifts


Whether you like the look of high fashion or just want to wear a fashionable outfit for special occasions, it’s important to understand some basic terms in the fashion industry. Learning them can help you sound more like an insider.

In a general sense, fashion is a way to express one’s personality. The term is also used to describe the clothing styles that are in vogue. Popular style items include classic pieces, trendy clothing, and even those designed for sports. Generally speaking, designer clothing is more expensive than other types of clothing.

Some of the most famous designers of the past include Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and Christian Dior. Both of these designers are known for their extravagant and flamboyant designs. Their styles have been copied by many manufacturers. Today, these styles are considered to be haute couture, which is French for haute couture.

Sophisticated fashion is upscale and form-fitting. A woman in this style can wear a silk blouse, a flowing skirt, or a sleeveless dress. In addition, she can wear a jacket, which is made of a natural silk tussore. The fabric is often beaded or embroidered. The jacket can have a large amount of bugle beads sewn on it.

Sophisticated is a term that is usually reserved for mature women. Those who are edgy can wear an oversized dress, a long blouse with tights, and a pair of eye-catching earrings. They can also wear a pair of shoes with a plunging back. Those who enjoy glam will be wearing dresses that are trimmed in shimmery fabrics, such as velvet, and tops that are adorned with sparkly beads. They may also be wearing thigh-high stiletto boots.

The term is also used to describe clothing that is reversible. Reversible clothing is designed so that it can be worn with either side facing out. For example, a jacket that is reversible can have water repellent fabric on the outside. A swimsuit coverup will usually have a fabric on the opposite side that is flannel. In this way, the garment can be pulled over the head and then turned to face the opposite way.

Another fashion term is reversible, which describes a dress, skirt, or jacket that can be worn with one side facing out and the other side reversing. This can be a great idea for a capsule wardrobe, since you can buy a few different styles and then simply pull the garment over your head when you want to change.

Other common fashion terminology includes the A-line style, which flares out from the waist in a straight line to the hem. A full pleated skirt is another style of skirt that is made of stiffened taffeta. A bar suit was once made of a full pleated skirt. A shawl is also a type of clothing that is designed to be oversized. The Prairie Underground turtleneck is a perfect layering piece that is made of a thick ribbed fabric. It is also a perfect fit with slacks or jeans.