The Definition of Beauty


The word beauty is used to describe many things, from landscapes and sunsets to humans and works of art. The concept of beauty is a subject that has engaged philosophers, poets, and artists for centuries. It is a complex idea that is constantly in debate and discussion, and the definition of it has never been easy to define.

One of the most common definitions is that beauty is a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. This can include shape, color or form.

Another popular definition of beauty is that it is a feeling that arouses, triggers and stimulates reactions in the soul and mind that brings pleasure not experienced before. The beauty that we seek can be found in the smallest detail of something, such as a flower or sunset, but it can also be found in a person, such as their smile or their personality.

A third definition of beauty is that it is a response to some external feature that evokes pleasure or elicits an ethical feeling. This is a common view in modern aesthetic theory and it is not entirely without merit, though the concept of beauty has been subject to a great deal of misunderstanding over the past two millennia.

Transcendental Definitions

A transcendental definition of beauty defines it in terms of the unseen or ultimate qualities of truth and goodness, or as a synthesis of these qualities. These ideas are based on the triad of truth, goodness and beauty which is embodied in the Christian faith.

In this view, beauty is a response to the beauty of God, who has been revealed to humanity as the ultimate perfection. As David Hart explains in The Beauty of the Infinite, the Trinity is “the source of all things that are beautiful and pleasing.”

Some people find that they have a hard time with their own bodies and this often leads to frustration and anger. It can become a battle to try and fit into the unrealistic body images that are constantly being promoted by society.

The problem with this is that it can lead to self-hatred and dissatisfaction, as well as physical and mental health issues. A clean and healthy body is the foundation for true beauty.

What is more, this type of beauty comes from the inner self – a unique soul that is full of life and light. The person who is confident and able to love themselves as they are, will find that their own beauty shines through.

Lastly, it is important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You could be beautiful in one country but not be the most attractive in another, and this is because of your own uniqueness.

A person who is beautiful is someone who is proud of their own identity, who accepts themselves for who they are and has a positive outlook on life. A person who is happy with who they are, their body and their personality will be able to share their beauty with others in the world. This is the only way that we can all come together to create a beautiful world.